Purple Heart Car Donation

According to statistics one in every four homeless people in the US happens to be a veteran. Many of these veterans have put their life at stake to serve the nation, and if anything deserve to be honored, rather than being homeless. War veterans are face with a number of challenging tasks on returning home from the war field in the form of medical, financial and emotional issues. While they shoulder the responsibilities of safeguarding the country time and again, the same gesture is not reciprocated once they get back home. Many organizations have come forward to help out such veterans, one of which is the Purple Heart Car Donation program. The proceeds of the program are employed for the benefit of veterans in various communities throughout the US, who have been honored with the Purple Heart Medal. The program has been much appreciated and required for the welfare of US military veterans.

Purple Heart Medal

The Purple Heart Medal is one of the oldest awards to be given to the US military veterans. It was originally put forward by George Washington in the year 1782. Back then, the Purple Heart Medal was referred to as the Merit Badge. Till date, military officials who are wounded during combat have been receiving the Purple Heart Medal. In the event that the military official does during combat the medal of honor is given their family members. The medal has been awarded to over two million military veterans till now, symbolic of their commitment and sacrifices made for the country.

What is the Purple Heart Charity?

The Purple Heart Program is spearheaded by the Military Order of the Purple Heart an organization chartered by the government. The Charity has been formed to assist all veterans of the military forces, and their respective families. The charity’s efforts are not limited to just veterans who have received the Purple Heart Medal. The charity partly addresses processing claims related to benefits, homeless veterans assistance, and helping veterans with disabilities. It also allows everyone to participate through:

  • Donations of furniture and clothing
  • Donations of cars
  • Donations of cell phones
  • Donations in cash

It’s good to get in touch with your local community charity wing to understand what kind of donations they pick up or accept, before you make contributions.

What happens with the donations?

Individuals who partake and contribute under the Purple Heart Car Donation program do not get to pick where exactly their funds are utilized. However, these funds are funneled into one among the many veteran programs that are nationally recognized. Some of these programs are the National Appeals Office, The National Service Officer Program, The National Outreach Program, the Court of Veterans Appeals, United Service Operations and academic scholarship programs, to name a few. The allocation of these funds is not just restricted to veterans, as it can be awarded to dependents, families and vet medical institutions and centers.

How to donate?

The Purple Heart Car Donation Program accepts cars, RVs, motorcycles, and boats that may or may not be in running condition. You can schedule donations under the Purple Heart Car Donation Program by contacting the office on the number 888-414-GIVE or 888-414-4483. The information regarding the car and the contact can be filled out in the donation form online.

How is the car picked up?

Once the details regarding the vehicle, contact and mechanical needs (if any) are received, the organization will send over one of the contracted towers to get in touch with you and then pick up the vehicle. It isn’t mandatory that you be present when the car is being picked up. You can set the title and keys in a designated location and inform the program facilitators so they can pick up the car and leave a receipt confirming the same. Donations can be even made in person at specific donation centers in your community.

It is essential to have clear titles to make car donations under the program. In case there are secured parties or lien holders that are listed on its title, contributors are expected to have a lien release copy and the title, irrespective of the fact whether the lien has or has not been paid.

How are tax deductions facilitated?

Once the program has claims of the donated vehicle, a receipt that confirms the IRS donation with 100 percent tax deductions will be tendered. This can take anywhere between ten and fifteen days from the time, the car has been donated.

Donors can claim fair market values of up to $500 on the car donations, according to the IRS. In the event that the donated vehicle is sold for more than $500 by the charity, then the donor is able to claim tax deductions that equate to the selling price of the vehicle. Each donation made under the Purple Heart Car Donation program is carefully evaluated by the organization so it can fetch maximum returns, and generate appreciable funds for veterans.

Benefits of the program

Veterans in the US do not receive the support they deserve despite the magnanimous contributions that they make for the wellness and safety of US citizens. No doubt, there are various charitable organizations that could do with financial aid, but the need is far more pronounced in the veteran community. Any contributions made by citizens is both well deserved and appreciated.

It goes without saying that the mere virtuous nature of the charitable activity is one of its greatest benefits, but there are some other perks to Purple Heart Car Donations as well. Car donations that are made to nearly all 501(c)(3) organizations are entitled to tax deductions. Due to this, you may receive higher values in the form of tax reduction, as opposed to what you may have potential received by trading. It also cut downs the trouble of having to find the right buyer to trade the automobile. This also means that you do not have to spend additional amounts on expensive repairs.