Purple Heart Car Donation Charity

The Purple Heart Car Donation charity is providing thousands of wounded and disabled military veterans with important benefits. If you own a vehicle that you no longer need, you can do a lot of good for many people if you decide to donate it to a worthy cause. You also may receive an income tax deduction for your valuable gift.

The Purple Heart Car Donation provides financial support for wounded United States military veterans and also their families. You can find a benefits expert at many regional VA offices around the country. They will help you with filing claims for medical, housing, deaths, education, employment benefits, and many other things.

When you donate your car, truck, or SUV, some of the funds will go to help homeless veterans. This includes identifying individuals that are currently homeless. They also provide them with necessary aid.

Many veterans with disabilities may not know who to turn to for benefits. Thanks to this worthy cause, they can take advantage of the many outreach programs that are provided to them. This includes inner city as well as rural areas.

If you decide to donate your vehicle, it helps to provide scholarships to many veterans. Currently, thirty educational facilities offer aid for handicapped veterans. Financial assistance for education is also available to the children of veterans. If you have served this county in the military (and been wounded) you and your spouse may qualify for educational support for computer training.

The Purple Heart Car Donation charity supports a large variety of programs. They have a special fund for disaster relief, and provide support to the USO. Other programs include the Freedom Foundation and the Chapel of the Four Chaplains. The charity is also active in providing funds for abuse victims and things like emergency medical care supplies.

If you wish to donate your vehicle it is a simple matter. Visit the website and fill out an online form. Your vehicle must be lien free and you will need to provide the title. After you submit the online form, someone from the charity will contact you by phone. It is usually twenty four hours or less.

Once you are contacted by the charity they will discuss picking up your vehicle. There is no charge for this service and a tow truck will be dispatched to your place of residence. Your vehicle can usually be picked up within forty eight hours time. The tow truck driver will ask for your title and will provide you with a written receipt for the vehicle. It will not take long to receive an IRS tax receipt, and it will come in the mail.

Perhaps you are thinking about donating that old car but you want to be sure that it will go to a good cause. When you choose the Purple Heart Car Donation program you can rest assured that your money will help many deserving people. The program is backed by the government and offers an enormous amount of support for US veterans that have been wounded in service to their country.