Purple Heart Donations

Purple Heart Donations Give Something Back To Our Veterans

The vast majority of Americans are incredibly proud of those who wore the uniforms of the Armed Forces of the United States. Those wounded while serving their country are held in particularly high regard. Many people would like to give a little back to those who gave so much. Not everyone has cash to contribute. There are, however, organizations that accept gifts of usable items. Various centers for Purple Heart donations then generate income by selling the products bestowed upon them.

Contributions are not turned over directly to individual service men and women. Instead, they are sold and the cash generated goes toward services for former members of the military. Most of the groups operate their own stores. Some locations employ those who were part of the Armed Forces.

Many groups help veterans gain access to rehabilitation services. They may also assist them in finding housing. A lot of times they provide free meals and operate food pantries. Former service people often call on these organizations during times of extreme need.

Centers accept a wide variety of lightly used goods. Some items are more in demand than others. Small electronics such as televisions always command attention. Clothes for children and toys also turn around quickly. Many people come to second hand stores in search of dishes, blenders and microwaves. Bedding moves out rapidly as do washers, dryers and refrigerators.

Numerous organizations that accept Purple Heart donations concentrate on specific categories. Used vehicles provide an excellent source of income for these associations. People donating their cars and trucks to non profits are often eligible for tax deductions. Many associations will also take boats, jet skis and four wheelers. Anyone who gives articles to benefit veterans can ask for a receipt equal to the value of the items contributed.

Not all groups accept the same items. Some locations do not have the ability to pick up large appliances, nor do they have space for them. Many stores do not take extremely outmoded equipment like typewriters. Guns and knives, even those that fall into the non usable collectible category, are not appropriate contributions. A few places run food pantries and may accept canned goods. Call before making this sort of gift.

Remember, though, that these groups need and deserve contributions which truly benefit their constituents. Worn out clothes, dog eared books and appliances in need of large repairs do these organizations little good. Useless goods may, in fact, end up costing the recipient. Unwanted gifts have to be disposed of properly which uses manpower and other resources better spent on behalf of the veterans.

Men and women who were wounded while serving the nation deserve thanks. One way people can show their gratitude for the sacrifices these individuals made is by contributing to groups that benefit them. Cash gifts are always appreciated but many folks cannot give money. They can, however, donate lightly used household items which can be resold. Used vehicles also provide a significant source of income for these associations. Anyone who is grateful to those who gave when their country called might want to consider making Purple Heart donations.